Dreams and Visions


Father Charlatan and Torag
You wake up on a slab of stone. As you open your eyes, you notice you are in a Temple crafted from the finest stone and metals you have ever seen. Designs so intricate you can’t imagine how long it must have taken. A giant statue of Torag stands before you, 200 feet tall. It’s made of stone and dons full plate mail the likes of which you have never seen. …pause….

The statue begins to move and it’s feet pull out of the stone holding it in place. It moves towards you, but you know it’s not threatening. It towers over you, blocking out the sunlight from the stained glass windows. It kneels and gestures for you to kneel as well….pause….

Torag lowers his hammer and places it in front of you. It begins to crumble. It crumbles away to reveal a dwarves hammer inscribed with runes. The hammer vibrates and calls to you. SUDDENLY, you feel a tap on your shoulder. It’s a man dressed in the robes of one of Torag’s Priests. PERCEPTION CHECK (DC 10) You notice the symbols on his robes look like Torag, but are slightly…wrong. You also notice he is holding a holy symbol, but it looks like no symbol you have seen. Now you notice, as you have been here, people have filed into the temple. The statue of Torag screams and the Priest, frightened, runs for the door. Several priests run in from all areas of the temple and begin slaughtering the people in the temple .

You wake up. Dust from ground up stone covers your bed and your whole body. The symbol of Torag has been seared into the skin of your left palm. (Take 2 points of damage) You also remember something from your research. The name “Father Charlatan”. (+10 to research Father Charlatan)

Dream 2:
After the encounter with Father Charlatan’s spirit, I had another vision.

Torag appeared to me. I stood atop a snowy mountain top where a warhammer sat embedded in an ice covered stone.

Torag appeared to me and said:
“Find this peak and take up my hammer. Spread my glory upon the land.”


Piper and Me’Tal
You wake up in a Tavern. You have a black eye you are a little dizzy. Another bard stands over you laughing while he extends a hand to help you up. he helps you up and gestures for you to follow him outside.

You exit the tavern, it’s night and see that you are in Ustalav at the “Laughing Demon”. Suddenly the ground shakes and the air feels hot. You turn to see a huge 50 foot tall Minotaur with fire burning from it’s eyes and smoke billowing out of it’s nose. It flings something at your feet at lightning speed. A great axe with strings like a lute sticks in the mud in front of you.

You pick it up and play. Sound as loud as the loudest storm thunders from the axe. As your hand brushes against the strings, your hand feels tingly. That feeling rushes up your body and you begin to feel numb and your limbs stiff. You fall to the ground as two huge Stirges fly down, a pierce your body. They begin drinking your blood. You can’t move.

You wake up in your bed at the Lorrimor Residence. You still can’t move and you see two, tiny stirges, on your chest drinking from you. Your eye is still swollen and your left ass cheek feels as if something as been seared into it by a hot iron. It’s the symbol of Me’Tal.

Vision 2:
Me’Tal stood before me and I was transported to a snowy mountain top where an elven bard stood with a half/lute axe, playing a tune louder than I had ever heard. Me’Tal appeared and said to “Rock that Elves socks off! and destroy him.”
Me’Tal: Destroy the filthy traitor and take his axe!
The elf looked up frightened. I asked him who he as.
Elf: YOU!. I’ve seen you in town. You’ll never take it!
He ran off like a little bitch. I tried to follow but woke up from my trance back in the prison.


Mosswater Marauder and Irori
You wake up back at your monestary. One of your brothers lightly but firmly taps you with a wooden staff and tells you that you have overslept. He says nothing and runs out, gesturing for you to follow.

You quickly get dressed and arrive in at the training grounds. Today is weapons training and it has already begun. You try to sneak up (stealth or bluff check DC 25). The teacher today is someone you have only seen once before. A traveling monk, famous all around Golarion. Irori. Wether you snuck in or not, you notice you forgot your nunchaku. As the others begin practicing in sync, the teacher notices you. He calls for the students to stop and they part like the sea as Irori moves towards you.

Without a word Irori hands you his own nunchaku. You notice they are made of bone and bits of some sort of shell.

Without Warning, one of the students, looking on with eyes of jealousy, flies into a rage. With a speed almost inhuman, he grabs Irori by the head and smashes it into a rock wall which stands near the grounds. Over and over again until bits of skull are shattered all over the dirt. The student begins to scream and Cry, while trying to put the pieces of skull back together.

You awake in your bed. You are sweating, though the air around you is cold from the open window by your bed. You feel something in your bed and reach down. It’s bits of bone. You also now notice a bit of bone sticking out of your left hand. Blood pours down your arm as you notice the symbol of irori carved into your skin.


The Lopper and Unknown Elven Male
- You awake in a forest. It’s night. The moon shines through thick clouds. You don’t know how you got there. Suddenly you hear the rustling of leaves and you see a figure moving through the trees. You jump to your feet.

Scarab climbs a tree to get a better view. A grey skinned elf steps out of the woods and beckons for Scarab to come down. When Scarab doesn’t move, he throws knives which barely miss and stick into the tree next to Scarab. After friendly contest of skills, Scarab descends to the forest floor. The elf looks at scarab and puts down a bloody burlap sack. You hear the sound of many many coins inside. He says nothing and begins taking off his armor. As he hands the armor to Scarab, a man comes out of the shadows with a hand axe. Before scarab can act. The man chops off the elf’s head and laughs.

You wake up and pick sticks and leaves out of your hair as if you really had been sleeping in the woods and the symbol of a seeping sack with blood and coins is burned into the back of your hand (take 2 points of damage). You also suddenly remember the name of a prisoner from your research: The Lopper ( +10 to research the lopper).

Dreams and Visions

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