Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 7


We seem to have slowly gained the towns trust. The council and the Temple of Pharasma seem to trust us as well.

We have been invited to the Town hall for a town meeting, most likely about the strange happenings and undead rising from their graves.

We arrived at the town hall meeting in the evening. The frightened and angry townsfolk filled the hall. The Town Council was trying to calm the people who had been terrorized by hauntings, zombies and all manner of undead.

We were summoned up to the front where the Council asked if we could help. The crowd was yelling and the general consensus was that it was the old ruins of Harrowstone that was causing all this trouble.

Scarab and Alex tried to speak to the crowd, and though some people were swayed, the crowd quickly became more frightened and began fighting.


Suddenly the oil lanterns on the wall burst into flames and 3 flaming skulls burst through the windows. Several townsfolk were caught in the fire as most of the people ran for the front doors. We battled the skulls as the fire spread.

We destroyed the supernatural skulls and, with the help of Kendra and the Council, we saved those caught in the fire and doused the flames in order to save the hall.



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