Ustalav Posting Poles

Posting Poles around town are used by locals and business to post news, jobs and other random things. Useful for navigating the town and goings on.

Current Posts

1.)Millie the Baker is looking for some day laborers (2sp for the day).

2.) Taren’s pet Bungo the Bunny is missing. Have you seen her?

3.) The Schmoats family has been driven from their home and staying at the inn due to unusual and disturbing occurances at their home.

4.) Zokar the Innkeeper is looking for some day laborers (1sp for the day)

5.) Ruslips wedding was a week ago

6.) For Sale: 1 wheelbarrow, 2 spades, 1 pitchfork, Plow with harness, 2 Scythe, misc handtools. Barlow farm

7.) Barn Raising in 4 days

8.) Farmer Pendergast needs his hay brought in from the fields. (he hurt his back)

9.) Farmer Flurgenhurgen – 25 gp reward for the death of the wolf or wolves killing his goats.

Ustalav Posting Poles

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