Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 3 Cont...
Unfurling scrolls and Town Posting Poles (You Should look at them).

The next morning Scarab and Mule thought it best to visit the town Sherrif. They found their way to the small and underwhelming town Jail where they were met at the door by deputy Riff. Scarab said he had some information for the Sheriff.

Sheriff Benjan Caeller

The Sheriff came out to meet the out of towners and asked what business they had. They told him of the vandalism and asked if there were any other reports or problems before now. They also asked if he had seen the symbol before. Benjan said they had very little trouble with vandalism, especially directed at sacred site such as the one built in memory of those who died protecting the town from the dangerous criminals once housed at Harrowstone. He also hadn’t seen or heard of any symbols resembling the bloody V.

Mule asked about the boy Bartholamew and Benjan directed them to the Unfurling Scroll where the boy studied with Alendru Ghoroven.


When asked about the boy, Alendru said that Bart was a good boy, good student and absolutely loved books. He’s not sure why he would steal, but if Mule was helping the Temple, they could come and speak to the boy the next morning before class.

Alex asked if Alendru had access to any information on Harrowstone or the whispering way. Alendru said that “since the group hadn’t been causing any trouble and seemed to be going out of their way to help the Temple”, he would allow them to look through the books he had on hand.

Ustalav | Day 3
Crypts and Bloods...sucking Bugs.

The next morning we decided to see if we could find the weapons in the graveyard. Alex insist that we include the priests. Most of the party go with him to get them. When they get to the Temple, Alex tells the priests that they are there, as requested, to get them before going to try and find the hidden weapons.

Alex is told that the Acolytes were actually sent out very very early to go and investigate the crypt themselves and they had found nothing. Alex isn’t sure what changed from the day before, but the head cleric seemed to be acting strange compared to the day before .After finding out that Pharasma’s acolytes headed out to the crypt without them, Alex walked off in huff with “Good day sirs…..I SAID GOOD DAY!!!!”. Tenzin followed and they headed off to the Rest Lands to meet up with Scarab.

Mule stayed behind and asked the Cleric Mortimor if she could ask some questions. Hoping Mule was interested in converting, he let her inside. After asking some questions, Mule asked if there was anything else she could do to help (in hopes of gaining some good will.) Father Mort told Mule (in a whisper so that the others in temple wouldn’t know he was asking for help) that one of the children in town, bartholamew had taken one of the books out of their library. Mule was told he’s a good kid who loves books and if she could retrieve the book and find out why Bart took it, it would be very much appreciated.

Mule left catch up with the rest of the group at the Rest Lands.

Meanwhile... Scarab, not trusting the people from the temple, decided to check out the graveyard on his own. He finds a crypt at the intersection in question with the lock broken. He stealthily slips inside and starts to look around. Just after he heads down the stairs to the lower level, he is attacked by a giant centipede. As luck would have it, the centipede is inept and cuts itself trying to attack Scarab. It runs away and skitters through a hole in the wall. Just as another centipede is closing on Scarab, he decides to exercise the better part of valor. He figures he can warn his friends of danger when they enter later. He leaves the crypt, placing the broken lock back on the door. He then decides to visit Lorrimor’s grave while he awaits his friends arrival.

As Scarab is waiting, Tenzin and Alex entered the Rest Lands. They came across 4 little girls playing Jump Rope. They were singing this strange song

Put her body on the bed.
Take a knife and lop her head.
Watch the blood come out the pipe.
Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe.
Drops of red so sparkly bright.
Splatters spell her name just right.
With a hammer killed his wife.
Now he wants to claim your life.
Tricksy father tells a lie.
Listen close or you will die.

Alex approached the girls and was able to convince them that he was friendly (and asked them to get in his van like a creeper…..ok….that didn’t happen. There are no van’s in pathfinder). He played a little Jig as the girls played.

Suddenly they heard a loud buzzing. As Tenzin and Alex looked for the source, they were set upon by two tiny stirges:stirge.jpg

Tenzin squashed them.

The group met up and stealthily entered the crypt where they encountered and smushed the giant centipedes (and have now become the town exterminators.) They found the stash of weapons “hidden” in a sarcophagus. The acolytes from Pharasma were either inept or lying.

After procuring the cache of items, they went back to the Lorrimor estate to research what these items could be. The professor had kept many notes and these items were well documented. Alex copied what he found in the Tattered Adventure Journal

Ustalav | Day 2 |After the Funeral
Who does this Pharasma think she is!?

Adventure Log:
After inspecting the books and the Journal, we decide to pay the temple of Pharasma a visit.

They are not keen on allowing strangers to use view the temple records and tomes. They rather curtly suggest trying the town hall.

When the idea of a cache of items in an old crypt is brought up, the head priest claims no knowledge of it’s existence but says it’s possible. He insists we take two of his acolytes to supervise if the party goes to investigate. Despite the rest of the parties’ misgivings, Alex assures him that we will.

Alex heads to the town hall to do some basic research about the burning of the prison. This referenced the memorial by the river, the wife of the warden and some of the infamous prisoners.

At this point the party split up. Alex and Tenzin stay to research and/or meditate, respectively.

Mule and Scarab head to the memorial, which Scarab thinks would be a fine place to find something hidden(clue or otherwise).

When we got there, all we found was the memorial freshly vandalized with blood with the letter “V”. Scarab didn’t think the townsfolk would appreciate the desecration, so he and Mule washed the blood off of the memorial.

Meanwhile, Alex had researched The Piper of Illmarsh.

We all went back to Kendra’s for the night.

Research | Tattered Adventure Journal

Journey To Ustalav | Saying goodbye to Professor Lorrimer.
Finding a Path.

After a long Journey from Crepscule across the ocean, the Trinity natives arrive in Ustalav for the funeral of their mentor, savior and father figure, the kind and loving Professor Lorrimor.

They are welcomed to town by his only daughter Kendra who offers her home to Mule, Alex, Scarab and Tenzin for as long as they stay in Ustalav.


Though the town is wary and mostly unwelcoming to outsiders (non-locals), the actions of the newly arrived adventurers at the burial ceremony has earned them a little bit of trust with the council members present. Their swift and non-violent handling of a group of belligerent locals impressed Father Grimborrow. He was especially impressed with the dark and haunting dirge performed by Alex.


After the funeral, the group returned to the Lorrimer home with Kendra to meet with Councilmen Hearthmount for the reading of the Professor’s will.


The will stated (requested) that the four now grown children that the Professor had taken in, mentored and helped as if they were his own, stay in Ravengro for one month to help his daughter Kendra settle his affairs and her own. A key and chest of books was also bequeathed to Mule, Alex, Scarab and Tenzin. It contained several old and dangerous texts which were to be returned to their rightful owners in Lepidstadt in no sooner than 1 months time. At which point each of the 4 heirs named in his will would receive 100 platinum pieces.

In the chest containing the books, the Professor had also left his Journal with several entries circled and marked:


The Will


The Gulthias Tree | We Found It!!
The Sunless Citadel | Complete

Final Adventure Log

coming soon

The Legend of Dirk the Goblin Chieftain Continues

After a planned retreat from the Shade, the party found a room of scrolls, Dirk found nothing of use, but the wizard found a some useful scrolls.
The party pressed onward until they the wizard begged them to stop so he could rest.
The next day they adventured on ward and discovered a library and the wizard found a magic book, that blew-up in his face, HA.
After everyone had a good laugh the party continued southward into a garden. There Dirk tried to convince four goblins he was their new chieftain, but they were too stupid to understand him and attacked. They were easily dispatched but the last one called for help and soon Blights were everywhere.
The group dispatched the Blights and headed towards the tree poking upwards from the grove like a majestic penis poking from a bush of pubes… Innuendo.

The Legend of Dirk the Goblin Chieftain Begins
(known as Dirk the Delusional to his friends)

After defeating the Goblin of room XX, the brave and powerful Dirk lead the party deeper into the cavern, and after finding empty rooms and tunnels that lead back to the places they have already been, the party encountered a Bugbear, gardening in his garden.
The Wizard tried to reason with him, but the Bugbear would have none of it. Dirk demanded its allegiance, but the Bugbear was too stupid to realize that Dirk was his true lord and master, and attacked the party anyway. With the aide of Little Moon, Dirk slayed the dumb beast. Feeling pity for the animal, Dirk buried him in his garden, and as a gift the dead bugbear told Dirk about a fertilizer that helps plants grow faster. dirk figured this would be a perfect complement to his magic token.
Later when the party entered a room of four goblins, Dirk demanded these goblin respect him as chief. Three did, but one, Gob the Goblin didn’t believe Dirk’s claim, and charged. Dirk dispatched Gob with a swing of his mighty swords. The other Goblins asked what is Dirk’s bidding, he commanded them to get back to work.
As the group continued on they met another bugbear, this one also attacked his chieftain. It was at this point Dirk wonder what was wrong with bugbears. But soon the Bugbear was dispatched like his brother. And all was good and the group went into the next room and that is when the shit hit the fan.

This room wreaked of magic. A strange red glow emanated from a stone dragon statue in the middle of the room. No name the wizard approached, fixated on a strange red tile in front of the dragon. Being careful not to stand on the stone tile, he found runes inscribed that read; Ea serpenta rau kaluva nyawisti (translation: Let the sorcerous power illuminate my mind). He turned to his friends (who were all standing way back at the entrance) and read the inscription aloud to them. Just then, he was attacked by some sort of moving shadow. It’s first attack missed. The shadow swung it’s smoke like appendage at No Name again. No name felt it pass through his body. He got very cold and felt the strength drain from his body.

No Name had learned of these creatures before, or things like them. Incorporeal creatures that could only be hurt by certain means, such as magic weapons or other Incorporeal creatures. He yelled this information to his friends as his legs almost gave way beneath him, and Ilsa quickly enchanted Dirks sword. Dirk charged the creature as Ilsa (thinking this thing could possibly be some sort of undead specter) grasped her holy symbol and began chanting, demanding the creature be gone. It worked. The shadow fled. Dirk swung his sword, catching the shadow in the midsection of it’s back. Shadow pulled away like smoke as the sword cut through and blue electricity appeared in short bursts of sparks. The shadow passed through the back wall and escaped.

Ilsa continued chanting as the group decided what to do next.

to be continued……..

Citadel Part VI
The Descent....into a stinky cave below Goblinville.

Fought more of these

Citadel Part V

After checking out the room of green gas and finding much loot, that is a valuable as it is random the party pressed onward. They prepared to enter the next room but Little-Moon had an idea and first peered under the door before the party charged in. He relayed to group that this room maybe full of goblin women and children, and being good the group decided to bypass this room and continue on.
The group moved on the last room, and when Dirk looked inside he saw a SHAFT with viney vains. Sitting around the SHAFT, were several goblins and hobgoblins. Across the room beyond the SHAFT sat the Hobgoblin Chief. He ordered his troops to attack and they charged the party from all sides of the SHAFT.
gk.jpgDirk and the Chief quickly became locked in combat, all along there was the SHAFT in the room. Isla met her goblin conter-part in the goblin cleric, also in the SHAFT room. The wizard took aim with his bow and fell several goblins. While Little-Moon, died, twice.
When Dirk finally slayed the chief, the cleric tried to retrieve the body, but he was too cowardly to do it himself and sent some goblins to do the work for him while he made a escape.
This plan didn’t work as Dirk never lets an enemy leave hand to hand combat without paying dearly, and the ones that made it past his whirling blades faced the kneecap destroy club of God wielded by Isla.
Oh and i forgot, The Wizard also put tow goblins to sleep, just wait for them to awake to the carnage at is the Party of DOOOOOM, name pending approval…. SHAFT!

Citadel Part IV
The Kobold Queen and guestss

After defeating the Troll Lich, the group recouped then headed back to talk to the Kobold Queen. Dirk made a deal with her, if the group killed all the Goblins the kobolds would protect them from being attacked from behind.
The group rested for two days to prepare for their next dungeon delve, were attacked by some rats while we sleep, (way to protect us queen). After resting the queen had the trap-master un-trap the hallway between the kobolds and the goblin, and the group was off.
After clearing a dangerous room of…nothing the group continued into the next room, where they were promptly ambushed.
Several goblins attacked the party using the green gas as cover. The battle would have been easily won if not for the gas burning little-moon’s eyes, taking him out of the battle early on.
Ilsa used her subtle tactic of i smash it in the face and a little fear to slay a few goblins. The wizard flung some arrows but it wasn’t until he summoned his fire beetle that the goblins learned not to mess with him. And Dirk was his whirling dervish of short swords
The adventures were tired and sore after the battle but no goblin did escape


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