Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 9

The Haunting of Harrowstone.

We returned to the Prison in the early morning of the 9th day in Ustalav. We made our way back to the western balcony where Scarab was unable to unlock the door and Mule was unable to knock it down.

I, Alex, acolyte of Me’Tal and herald of the great mule, simply played my lute until they finally got the door open. We entered the top floor of the prison, Scarab taking lead. To the east we found the giant crumbled wall which overlooked the murky lake below where Scarab was again ambushed by stirges. Mule joined the fight and again had her strength sapped by the filthy diseased creatures before we smashed them.


We continued on into the east wing of the top floor of Harrowstone. We eventually discovered a cell block and what used to be the guard station which led out to the now crumbling balcony above the front entrance. Just west of there Mule heard something and discovered the remains of Father Charlatan. She relayed the following to me:

I felt the mark on my hand burn and blacked out. I awoke in a coffin and was confronted with a man who claimed he was falsely imprisoned for crimes he didn’t commit. He told me that I had died, but that he could return me to life if I helped him to free his spirit. He also claimed he was servant of Torag.


I didn’t believe a word of it. After some back and forth, I prayed and realized this was all a trick. I felt a hammer appear at my hip. I grabbed it and attacked Father Charlatan before I awoke again in the prison.

Along with her own fight to purge Charlatan from her body, we were able to help excorsize the spirit using holy water and prayer. Mule finally woke up and we saw a woman’s ghostly hand appear from the floor and drag Charlatan’s spirit away.

Suddenly I heard music and my ass cheek burned. I was confronted by a ghostly apparition who I knew must be the Piper.


He stopped playing his flute as two stirges hovered behind him. He told me that he needed help to free his spirit. He said that he was not responsible for anything they said he did and that he was falsely imprisoned. He said that if I could help him free his spirit and destroy the angry evil side of his spirit in the prison, than he could be free.

I said yes, that I would help and I suddenly came to, as if out of a trance. The others told me I was bleeding from some unknown wounds, but I don’t know what they are talking about.

Suddenly the skeletons in the east block cells came to life. We fended off an attack from 4 and then opened the remaining cells and rid the top floor of the evil within.

Scarab and Mule found an old ladder leading up to a trap door. Mule opened it and triggered an avalanche of stone debris. Scarab was able to jump out of the way. Scarab made his way back up the ladder and opened the door where he found a giant stirge. After killing the pest, I searched and found a stairwell down to the first floor. I heard the sound of someone asking for help echoing off the walls. It must have been coming from below, but I’m not sure where exactly.

Before I could investigate further, Scarab and the rest started yelling. Ghostly walls began forming over the destroyed portions of the prison. I wanted to stay, but was out voted and we ran back to the door we came through. It was locked with a ghost lock. Scarab poured holy water over it, but it just regenerated. Mule used her divine energy to temporarily remove the lock and we exited the prison and back out onto the west balcony. We ran full speed out of the front gate before ghostly gates formed over the physical remenants of the old gate. We saw spirits now roaming the grounds before we marched back to Ustalav and Kendra’s house.



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