Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 8

Welcome To Hotel Harrowstone. You can check in...

Before making our way to the prison, we made another visit to the Temple of Pharasma. We finally have their trust and since we were helping to rid the town of the blashemy that are the undead, they provided us with holy water.

The Prison sits ominously atop a hill just outside of town. The gate has fallen down and a large murky pond has partially flooded the east wing.


Mule passed through the gates first and was overcome with the feeling that her skin was burning and a sense of fear. The feeling quickly passed and we began searching the grounds. We first investigated the area where our dear friend the Professor had died. It seems clear that the gargoyle which fell on him did not do so by accident. We also found arcane runes around the foundation of the prison which seem to have been put there by the cult Lorrimor mentions in his Journal. The Whispering Way.

We proceeded to one of the old guard towers where Mule was ambushed by a swarm of rats that infected her with some filthy disease and sapped her strength. After fighting off the rats, we made our way to the west balcony. As Scarab tried to pick the lock of a door leading into the top floor, we were set upon by a haunted scythe. Side note, the prison was apparently notorious for dealing death sentences by scythe in full view of the cells and prisoners inside.

The scythe flew at us, held by disembodied skeletal hands. Our attacks did nothing until we discovered it’s weakness. A combination of holy water and divine energy from Mule. The blade of the scythe remained and we kept it in case we could find a use for it. We decided to head back to town, heal up and return the next day.



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