Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 5 & 6

We have THE POWER!!!

We awoke early on our 5th day in town as the sun barely pierced the thick fog that constantly hangs onto the earth around Ustalav.

We prayed to our gods and practiced our craft. The growing threat of the undead, the untimely death of Professor Lorrimor along with missing animals, this whispering way cult and this Hephenus Gibs seemingly possessed, we need sharpen our skills along with our weapons.

We also did some research on the whispering way cult in the professor’s library.

Day 6

As Tenzin finished his morning meditation on the roof, he was greeted by Sheriff Caeler coming up the hill. We gathered in the living room as Caeler informed us that his deputy had been murdered at the site of the bloody memorial desecration. We agreed to investigate while he attended to the family of the deputy and the funeral arrangements.

We discovered the memorial had again be desecrated, now with a VE. We determined the deputy had come upon his attacker during the bloody painting and was attacked. He had several defensive wounds and a final death blow sliced his throat open.

We discovered a trail of blood leading away from the murder site and followed it back to what can only be described as a shack. A tiny house belonging to Gibs Hephenus.

The Tale of Day 6 as told by Alex RosenGunn
Ballad of the Fourth Day,

I awoke to the banging of Mighty Mules Forge,
And to the Tea Kettle of Monk Tenzin,
Then along came the bungling Sheriff Benjan,
He had most troubling news at hand,
He doth spoke with such terror & fright,
Someone had killed, Deputy Vrodish overnight.
The Sherrif then asked us to aid, if we could.
And we said we most certainly will and would.
We travelled to Temple of Pharasma to see the new corpse,
Some of us walked, I rode my horse.
Mule deduced there were wounds from defence,
please note, the head acolyte wreaked of shat and incense.
Then did we head to the scene of the crime,
there Scrab the thief, found a trail in no time.
The blood lead us to the home of the Gibs,
and the group split in two, I tell no fibs.
Mule and I did knock upon the front door,
While Tensin and Scarab waited around back… Score.
Gibs awoke and did answer, with wounds on his arm,
this caused Mule to push in, still meaning him no harm.
After a quick exchange, Gibs seemed lost,
And Scarab and Tenzin looked around, things did get tossed.
Alex soon found a razor and waterskin hidden in the pile of wood,
And this made Mule strong arm Gibs into coming with us, as he should.
We took him back to Benjan, and locked him up,
and then in Drow “Hiy ne, cull, Shcup.”
Which translates into had to leave for the train,
so I must take my leave and refrain…

- Alex Rosengunn, Herald of Mule, Acolyte of Me’Tal



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