Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 4

Zombies & Parenting for Dummies

We awoke on this Thor’s Day….speaking of, who is this Thor? Obviously some inferior demigod sure to be struck down by the GREAT THUNDERING AXE of Me’Tal.

SO, we awoke this morning……

1. Kendra tells the PCs that they should inform the temple of Pharasma about the zombie. Pharasma and her followers view the undead a perversion of death and the natural cycle of life. They may be of some help in guarding the town against any further problems if they arise (pun intended). +

2. The boy who stole the book. When the PCs arrive at the Unfurling Scroll, they are told that the boy never came to school. If they arrive early, they wait and he never comes. The shopkeeper/teacher asks if they can check on the boy at his home, since he needs to attend to his other students. (agreeing to do this gains 1 trust)

When the PCs arrive. They find the door to the home is open. A baby can be heard crying inside. The sun is obscured by overcast clouds and fog hangs heavy and close to the ground. Scratching and groans can be heard coming from the house, barely audible next to the babies screams.

Fog slowly creeps into the entrance of the house as the PCs enter and they see, in this small single level house, 2 skeletons and 1 zombie. The skeletons are trying to bash down a door towards the back of the house while a zombie is clamouring to get to a baby that is oddly placed atop a tall cupboard in the house kitchen.

We saved the family and talked to Theodore Barhtolemew..something…Damn he had a lot of names. He said he simply wasn’t finished reading the book and took it. He felt ashamed and hid it, not wanting to get in trouble.

We brought him to the Temple of Pharasma and the boy apologized to the priests. We met with the Father Ichabod, the head priest Grimburrow was away. They healed us and tended to our wounds. Alex whined….A LOT! In any case, they seem to trust us and have warmed up to us since we first dealt with them.

We informed them of the undead risings. They had heard rumors, but weren’t sure until now that the sitings were real. They agreed to keep vigilant in the coming nights.



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