Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 3 Cont...

Unfurling scrolls and Town Posting Poles (You Should look at them).

The next morning Scarab and Mule thought it best to visit the town Sherrif. They found their way to the small and underwhelming town Jail where they were met at the door by deputy Riff. Scarab said he had some information for the Sheriff.

Sheriff Benjan Caeller

The Sheriff came out to meet the out of towners and asked what business they had. They told him of the vandalism and asked if there were any other reports or problems before now. They also asked if he had seen the symbol before. Benjan said they had very little trouble with vandalism, especially directed at sacred site such as the one built in memory of those who died protecting the town from the dangerous criminals once housed at Harrowstone. He also hadn’t seen or heard of any symbols resembling the bloody V.

Mule asked about the boy Bartholamew and Benjan directed them to the Unfurling Scroll where the boy studied with Alendru Ghoroven.


When asked about the boy, Alendru said that Bart was a good boy, good student and absolutely loved books. He’s not sure why he would steal, but if Mule was helping the Temple, they could come and speak to the boy the next morning before class.

Alex asked if Alendru had access to any information on Harrowstone or the whispering way. Alendru said that “since the group hadn’t been causing any trouble and seemed to be going out of their way to help the Temple”, he would allow them to look through the books he had on hand.



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