Occasum Solis

Ustalav | Day 2 |After the Funeral

Who does this Pharasma think she is!?

Adventure Log:
After inspecting the books and the Journal, we decide to pay the temple of Pharasma a visit.

They are not keen on allowing strangers to use view the temple records and tomes. They rather curtly suggest trying the town hall.

When the idea of a cache of items in an old crypt is brought up, the head priest claims no knowledge of it’s existence but says it’s possible. He insists we take two of his acolytes to supervise if the party goes to investigate. Despite the rest of the parties’ misgivings, Alex assures him that we will.

Alex heads to the town hall to do some basic research about the burning of the prison. This referenced the memorial by the river, the wife of the warden and some of the infamous prisoners.

At this point the party split up. Alex and Tenzin stay to research and/or meditate, respectively.

Mule and Scarab head to the memorial, which Scarab thinks would be a fine place to find something hidden(clue or otherwise).

When we got there, all we found was the memorial freshly vandalized with blood with the letter “V”. Scarab didn’t think the townsfolk would appreciate the desecration, so he and Mule washed the blood off of the memorial.

Meanwhile, Alex had researched The Piper of Illmarsh.

We all went back to Kendra’s for the night.

Research | Tattered Adventure Journal



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