Occasum Solis

The Legend of Dirk the Goblin Chieftain Continues

After a planned retreat from the Shade, the party found a room of scrolls, Dirk found nothing of use, but the wizard found a some useful scrolls.
The party pressed onward until they the wizard begged them to stop so he could rest.
The next day they adventured on ward and discovered a library and the wizard found a magic book, that blew-up in his face, HA.
After everyone had a good laugh the party continued southward into a garden. There Dirk tried to convince four goblins he was their new chieftain, but they were too stupid to understand him and attacked. They were easily dispatched but the last one called for help and soon Blights were everywhere.
The group dispatched the Blights and headed towards the tree poking upwards from the grove like a majestic penis poking from a bush of pubes… Innuendo.



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