Occasum Solis

The Legend of Dirk the Goblin Chieftain Begins

(known as Dirk the Delusional to his friends)

After defeating the Goblin of room XX, the brave and powerful Dirk lead the party deeper into the cavern, and after finding empty rooms and tunnels that lead back to the places they have already been, the party encountered a Bugbear, gardening in his garden.
The Wizard tried to reason with him, but the Bugbear would have none of it. Dirk demanded its allegiance, but the Bugbear was too stupid to realize that Dirk was his true lord and master, and attacked the party anyway. With the aide of Little Moon, Dirk slayed the dumb beast. Feeling pity for the animal, Dirk buried him in his garden, and as a gift the dead bugbear told Dirk about a fertilizer that helps plants grow faster. dirk figured this would be a perfect complement to his magic token.
Later when the party entered a room of four goblins, Dirk demanded these goblin respect him as chief. Three did, but one, Gob the Goblin didn’t believe Dirk’s claim, and charged. Dirk dispatched Gob with a swing of his mighty swords. The other Goblins asked what is Dirk’s bidding, he commanded them to get back to work.
As the group continued on they met another bugbear, this one also attacked his chieftain. It was at this point Dirk wonder what was wrong with bugbears. But soon the Bugbear was dispatched like his brother. And all was good and the group went into the next room and that is when the shit hit the fan.

This room wreaked of magic. A strange red glow emanated from a stone dragon statue in the middle of the room. No name the wizard approached, fixated on a strange red tile in front of the dragon. Being careful not to stand on the stone tile, he found runes inscribed that read; Ea serpenta rau kaluva nyawisti (translation: Let the sorcerous power illuminate my mind). He turned to his friends (who were all standing way back at the entrance) and read the inscription aloud to them. Just then, he was attacked by some sort of moving shadow. It’s first attack missed. The shadow swung it’s smoke like appendage at No Name again. No name felt it pass through his body. He got very cold and felt the strength drain from his body.

No Name had learned of these creatures before, or things like them. Incorporeal creatures that could only be hurt by certain means, such as magic weapons or other Incorporeal creatures. He yelled this information to his friends as his legs almost gave way beneath him, and Ilsa quickly enchanted Dirks sword. Dirk charged the creature as Ilsa (thinking this thing could possibly be some sort of undead specter) grasped her holy symbol and began chanting, demanding the creature be gone. It worked. The shadow fled. Dirk swung his sword, catching the shadow in the midsection of it’s back. Shadow pulled away like smoke as the sword cut through and blue electricity appeared in short bursts of sparks. The shadow passed through the back wall and escaped.

Ilsa continued chanting as the group decided what to do next.

to be continued……..



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