Occasum Solis

The Citadel Part 1

Entering the Kobolds

Flew the Coop: Area 15, 16, 13(empty)

Empty Cage: (used to contain the dragon wyrmling ). The cage is all bent out of shape. Anyone with wilderness lore can tell the droppings in the cage did not come from a natural animal.

Crude versions of the draconic language on the walls read “Here there be living dragons”.

The bonfire pit in the middle of the room contains charred bits of kobold bones and armor.

Game Notes:
The group encountered a very sad kobold named Meepo. He is sad because the goblins took the dragon for which he was the caretaker. The dragon Calcryx was his friend. He promises the adventurers he will help them if they help rescue the dragon. He doesn’t know anything about fruit or a tree or anything else they ask, but says that the kobold queen might know.

Meepo quickly has the party follow him to the throne room. On the way, they encounter the kobold patrols (bounders), who stop the group. Meepo helps by ensuring that the group are friends her to help and they bounders point them to the throne room.

Once in the throne room, the party is introduced to Yusdrayl, the kobold queen. She tells the group that this was once a kobold holy site centuries ago, but it was taken over and the kobolds run out. Once the citadel fell into the ground, Yusdrayl brought her people back and took up residence once again, only to find goblins had done the same along with their master Belak who lives far below in the twilight grove.

When asked about the twig blights, she tells the group that they are a pets of belak and they are numerous in the grove.

When asked about the other group of adventurers, she says that they delved into the goblins territory and never returned.

She tells the party that they will be rewarded with with valuable items that Yusdrayl has gathered if they return the dragon alive. She sends Meepo with them as her representitive and sends them on their way. She instructs them to take the “back way.” The kobolds do not travel out of their designated areas, so she does not know where the wyrmling would be, or anything about the goblins numbers or tactics or anything really of use. Meepo says he knows even less, but knows much about dragons.

Journey into Goblin Territory:

Area 25-26:
The group is lead back the way they came and down a narrow hallway to the east of the citadel. They enter an empty room, where they find several sets of boot prints in the dust and debris.(room25)

The next room (26) contained a fountain, completely devoid of water. It is cracked and stained with a carving of a diving dragon, which still looks oddly pristine. A thin red scum coats the basin, but it is otherwise dry.

(DM Notes:)
Detect Magic will reveal the faint aura of Alteration Magic.

Seach check (DC 16) reveals a worn-away inscription in Draconic “Nainarya” or Let there be fire. See Page 15-16 for details

On the western wall is a carved stone door. It is carved with skeletal dragons. Standing within 1 foot of the door, there was a coldness in the air. Draconic Inscriptions above the door read “Tana Aman Heka Men” or Channel Good, Open the Way.

The Infested Cells: Area 28

Leaving the stone door alone, the party continues north (following the boot prints, which they believe to be from the previous group of adventurers.) They pass through another empty room with a door on the west (leading to rm 25 – the second one). They continue up the hall where they discover tracks of 3-4 booted humanoids that have moved in both directions, along with many rat prints. A closer look revealed that 4 humanoids traveled north through this passage, but only 3 returned this way.

Soon after entering the cells area, the group is surprised and attacked.

Dire Rat Fight: WON



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