Occasum Solis

Journey To Ustalav | Saying goodbye to Professor Lorrimer.

Finding a Path.

After a long Journey from Crepscule across the ocean, the Trinity natives arrive in Ustalav for the funeral of their mentor, savior and father figure, the kind and loving Professor Lorrimor.

They are welcomed to town by his only daughter Kendra who offers her home to Mule, Alex, Scarab and Tenzin for as long as they stay in Ustalav.


Though the town is wary and mostly unwelcoming to outsiders (non-locals), the actions of the newly arrived adventurers at the burial ceremony has earned them a little bit of trust with the council members present. Their swift and non-violent handling of a group of belligerent locals impressed Father Grimborrow. He was especially impressed with the dark and haunting dirge performed by Alex.


After the funeral, the group returned to the Lorrimer home with Kendra to meet with Councilmen Hearthmount for the reading of the Professor’s will.


The will stated (requested) that the four now grown children that the Professor had taken in, mentored and helped as if they were his own, stay in Ravengro for one month to help his daughter Kendra settle his affairs and her own. A key and chest of books was also bequeathed to Mule, Alex, Scarab and Tenzin. It contained several old and dangerous texts which were to be returned to their rightful owners in Lepidstadt in no sooner than 1 months time. At which point each of the 4 heirs named in his will would receive 100 platinum pieces.

In the chest containing the books, the Professor had also left his Journal with several entries circled and marked:


The Will




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