Occasum Solis

Journey To Duskwood

The Dancing Dryad

After meeting in Trinity, the party took off south. They travelled for three months getting to know each other and seeing parts of the world they never could have imagined, including a lake that immediately turned metal to rust and a river full of mirrors.

As mid-winter hit, they came to the edge of a forest and a strange, unexplainable darkness set in. Dark vision, low light vision and all sources of light had their effective distance cut in half. The party soon came to a walled in town called Duskwood.


The guards at the gate asked their business and informed them that there was no magic allowed within the town limits.

Once inside the gate, the party discovered a run down town that was eerily quiet. Peasants wandering the streets seemed extremely poor. Strange orbs hung on posts, combating the darkness and illuminating the streets.


Down the main road, not far from the slums, the party came upon a large ornate tavern called the Dancing Dryad. The illusionary image of a green dryad danced above the door. Once inside, a guard took their weapons. The party took up a table and ordered drinks.

Shortly after sitting down, they were served drinks, courtesy of a sickly old man. The man came over and sat with the party. He told them he had been stricken with the green ooze lung. He had heard rumors that a hidden citadel contained a tree that bore fruit able to fully heal him. He offered the party 100gp up front and 500gp upon returning with the fruit. He tells them that the citadel lies to the south, down the Old Road.

As the party discussed the man’s proposal, a half-elf girl and two huge half-orcs flipped the table and accosted the old man demanding he hand over the money. The party confronted them and Dirk tried to reason with the two half-orcs as they advanced. Nameless the wizard went to get the bouncer at the door just as a brawl broke out.

Nameless convinced the bouncer that the group brawling with his friends were carrying weapons. The bouncer, simply looking to appease nameless, walked over and clocked dirk, exclaiming “That’ll teach you to bring weapons into my tavern!”. Nameless looked on completely confused as the bouncer clocked his friend and not helping in the slightest. The bouncer then backed off and watched as the brawl continued. (what nameless and the party didn’t notice until after the brawl was over, was that betting had begun among the patrons on who would win.)

The brawl was back and forth. George (character name?) was able to defeat the half-elf rogue, while Ben was knocked out cold by a combination of Half-Orc combatant and half-orc idiot bouncer. Elena (character name?) and Nameless took out the last standing half-orc with a combination of flying ale mugs.

Just as the brawl ended, the sheriff and his men showed up. They dragged the other group out. Elena quickly woke dirk up in hopes of keeping him from being dragged away. The authorities, surprisingly did not arrest the party, and simply forced them to vacate the premises.

Upon exiting the Tavern, the party found the Old Man waiting in the alley outside the tavern. He thanked them, and gave them 200gp instead of 100gp for “getting more than they bargained for.” He also offered a family heirloom in addition to the 500gp, if they return with the fruit, and it actually works.

The party parts ways with the Old Man and heads to slums where they rent rooms at the Ol’ Boar Inn for the night.




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