Occasum Solis

Citadel Part III

th.jpgAfter the group returned the dragon to the Kolbolt Queen and we conned her out of her other treasures we returned to the entrance of the Citadel. Elena put the hurting on a group of hidden skeletons ( who were trapped in a secret room for some reason). We then used the key to open the door, and found a screaming orb, (Which Jay smashed), and then continued on till we came across a pit. (End Session)

New Session, Dirk climbed down into the pit and back up the other side with little or no problems, but when he looked for a place to tie off the rope he was attacked by a Quasit. The Quasit got a few good hits in, but when Dale “Little Moon” Talbot jumped the pit and aided Dirk, the Quasit realized he was out numbered and fled, but not before remarking that his job of guarding the dragon wizard was at an end.

The party rested, and then next morning explored the room. They found a sarcophagus and a secret tunnel. After learning the tunnel lead back to a room they had already the group was divided on opening the sarcophagus, but soon the party agreed to open it, there maybe treasure or beer inside.
troll.jpgOnce opened a Dragon wizard emerged and the battle ensued. Little Moon was taken out in the attack, Ilsa turn undead came up wanting, and even Dirk’s swords missed their target.
Luckily for the group their wizard was quick thinking, summoning a fire beetle to take the brunt of the dragon’s attack. Then if this was not enough, the wizard drank his fire potion and burnt the creature to a crisp, saving the party from certain disaster.
After reviving the Halfling, and gaining much treasure, the group all felt stronger, wiser, and in the llsa’s case more healy.


Ben gains 75xp

Citadel Part III

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