Occasum Solis

Citadel Part V

After checking out the room of green gas and finding much loot, that is a valuable as it is random the party pressed onward. They prepared to enter the next room but Little-Moon had an idea and first peered under the door before the party charged in. He relayed to group that this room maybe full of goblin women and children, and being good the group decided to bypass this room and continue on.
The group moved on the last room, and when Dirk looked inside he saw a SHAFT with viney vains. Sitting around the SHAFT, were several goblins and hobgoblins. Across the room beyond the SHAFT sat the Hobgoblin Chief. He ordered his troops to attack and they charged the party from all sides of the SHAFT.
gk.jpgDirk and the Chief quickly became locked in combat, all along there was the SHAFT in the room. Isla met her goblin conter-part in the goblin cleric, also in the SHAFT room. The wizard took aim with his bow and fell several goblins. While Little-Moon, died, twice.
When Dirk finally slayed the chief, the cleric tried to retrieve the body, but he was too cowardly to do it himself and sent some goblins to do the work for him while he made a escape.
This plan didn’t work as Dirk never lets an enemy leave hand to hand combat without paying dearly, and the ones that made it past his whirling blades faced the kneecap destroy club of God wielded by Isla.
Oh and i forgot, The Wizard also put tow goblins to sleep, just wait for them to awake to the carnage at is the Party of DOOOOOM, name pending approval…. SHAFT!



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